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Pigeon racing in Belgium might have a corny image but knows a strong international growth. Pigeons are a typical Belgian export product, like beer and chocolate. Belgian pigeons are recognized worldwide as the absolute top, especially in Asia. Besides pigeons, Belgium is also specialized in feed and medical care. Export is the key word of Group Lataire who sends out from the location in Aalter to more than 40 countries. The typical Belgian pigeon goods go by air, sea container or courier to all possible destinations. “Made in Belgium” is greatly appreciated and makes Group Lataire grow into one of the leading wholesalers in this niche market.
Group Lataire has the ambition with a realistic approach and clear focus to bring together a full product range under one roof. The focus is on “Animal Healthcare”: vitamins, medicines, health products and special feed for birds and pigeons.

Our own brand ‘Suskewiet’ includes a range of niche products for songbirds or finch sport. In addition, Group Lataire is also a specialist in the field of pigeon sport. With more than 1200 pigeon articles we offer an incredible wide range of nutritional supplements and accessories for competition pigeons.









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